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Smart Thermostat Installations in Wellingborough

For more information about our smart thermostat installation service, give us a call on 07919 156562 or use our contact details down below.

Our smart thermostat installation service

Installing a smart thermostat in your home is the best way to keep your home’s heating up to date; not to mention the fact that they're great for all homes and lifestyles:

  • Smart thermostats are great for people that have specific routines (e.g. leave for work at 8:30 and return at 5:30 every day) as you can easily set schedules for when you want the heating to switch on and off. 
  • Smart thermostats are also great for busy people who are constantly on the go as you can change the heating in your home via your smartphone.

Here at Fletchers Heating & Plumbing Ltd, we specialise in the installation of the Hive Active Heating thermostat; a smart thermostat designed by British Gas. The thermostat itself is intuitive and easy to use, is remotely controllable via your smartphone and if used correctly, helps you cut down on your monthly heating bills! 

If you're looking to install a smart thermostat in your home in the Wellingborough area, please give us a call on 07919 156562

Why opt for the Hive Active Heating thermostat? 

Here's why else we recommend all of our customers across Wellingborough install a smart thermostat in their home and more specifically, the Hive Active Heating thermostat... 

Hive thermostats are controllable via a smartphone

Most of us have our phones with us when we leave the house; thankfully the Hive thermostat allows you to change the temperature of your home wherever you are, 24/7. No more panics about forgetting to switch the heating on or off!

Hive thermostats use location detection

Hive thermostats can use location detection to alert you when you've left the house, but kept the heating on, or alert you when your home isn't at the right temperature. In other words, by installing a Hive Active Heating thermostat you needn't worry about needlessly heating your home or arriving back to a cold one!

Hive thermostats are compatible with other smart devices

You can turn your home into a smart home with Hive. Install the smart hub and remotely control the lights, plug sockets, security cameras and more. Start with the thermostat and expand! 

Call us for your new smart thermostat in Wellingborough

To get in touch with us today, give us a call on 07919 156562 or email us at fletchersheating@gmail.com. You can also fill out our contact form on our website. If you'd like to hear what our customers have said about us, have a read on our reviews page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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