3 Home Heating Myths

Picture the scene; you’ve spent £3,000 on having a new boiler installed, and you’re ready to move heaven and earth to ensure that it’s well-maintained. So, you head online to determine the best strategies for maintaining your boiler and heating system, only to find swathes of contradictory advice and information. You’ll also stumble across a number of myths, which can actually cost you money and cause you to waste energy over time. Below, we’ve debunked three of the most common home heating myths so that you can start to get the most from your heating system! 

1. It’s Better to Leave your Heating on Low Constantly 

We’re not sure where this myth originated from, but some people genuinely believe that it’s better to leave their heating running constantly on low rather than switching the boiler on as and when required. Whilst it can be argued that this prevents large energy spikes and surges when you switch the unit on, however, the evidence suggests that this actually wastes energy as you’re heating your home when it’s completely unnecessary. Instead, it’s far better to manage your energy usage with a timer, which dictates when the boiler will switch and the optimal temperature for your home. 

2. Turning up your Thermostat Heats a Room Quicker 

We understand that this assertion makes sense on some level, but the fact remains that this is the single most inefficient and costly way to heat your property. This myth also represents a misunderstanding of how heating systems work, as if you arrive at a freezing cold home and crank the temperature up to 30°C, it won’t heat the property any quicker than it would at 23°C. Instead, you’ll simply leave the room to get uncomfortably hot in a relatively short space of time, and you’d be far better served by setting the thermostat at a lower temperature that enables you to warm up rather than cook! 

3. You Should Turn your Heating up on a Colder Day 

On a similar note, it’s the most natural thing in the world to crank up the heating during cold days or months. According to a survey by the Energy Saving Trust, 52% of people do this on a regular basis (and particularly when the snow begins to fall in the winter!). Once again, however, deciding to increase the boiler temperature to 30°C only serves to create an oppressive and uncomfortable living space, whilst requiring you to reduce the temperature considerably to offset the heat. Overall, it’s far better to set your thermostat to a comfortable 25°C and maintain this at all time. This creates a consistent and manageable temperature for your home, no matter how cold it may get outside! 

Let Us Help you to Treat your Boiler Right 

Whilst understanding the truth about these myths can stand you in good stead, maintaining your boiler also requires you to make use of fully-qualified and accredited heating engineers. Our team at Fletchers Heating & Plumbing certainly fits this bill, as our courteous engineers are all Gas Safe-registered and fully insured to work safely in your property. We also pride ourselves on the professionalism and quality of service, so you can rest assured you’ll receive value for money when working with us. We’re currently serving the Hillingdon borough and all of the surrounding counties, whilst you can call us today on 07919 156562 to discuss our service in detail. Conversely, why not email us at fletchersheating@gmail.com and request your quote in writing?