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Which Type of Boiler is the Most Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is on a lot of people’s minds today, due to the global energy crisis. It’s clear we all need to shoulder some of the responsibility for the harmful carbon emissions damaging our planet, and one way to do this is by ensuring our boiler is as energy-efficient as possible.

In the following post, we look at the main boiler types and their energy efficiency, helping you feel confident in what to look out for when purchasing your new boiler.

The main thing to remember

Newer boilers are designed to be more energy-efficient and recycle some of the energy you use. When shopping, check the boiler you’re looking at is condensing and A-rated for efficiency. You can also ask about the efficiency it can achieve, for example, if it is 90% or higher.

It’s also wise to check your new potential boiler is endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Boiler types: efficiency and meeting your needs

Combi boilers

Because combi boilers heat water as you need it they can be extremely energy-efficient to run. Instead of heating water in advance, simply turn on your shower and the hot water will heat instantly - this means there’s no waste as you only ever heat up what you need.

The problem with a combi is that they don’t suit homes with more than one bathroom as you can only run hot water to a single source at a time. 

System boilers

On the other hand, system boilers can send hot water to multiple sources so suit homes with more than one bathroom. However, water does need to be heated in advance so it’s important to check you aren’t heating too much and letting some go to waste, as this would not be energy-efficient. If you’re careful with their use, system boilers can be an energy-efficient choice so long as they are A-rated and condensing.

Regular boilers

Regular boilers require a cold water tank and also need water heating in advance, leading to a potential for waste unless you’re careful with use. However, it may be that you need a regular or system boiler because you live in a large house and have multiple bathrooms. In this case, a combi boiler simply wouldn’t meet your needs, so it’s important to be realistic. You can still be as energy-efficient as possible by buying a condensing, A-rated boiler and ensuring you don’t heat more water than you need.

Boiler installation in Wellingborough and beyond

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