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Advantages of Installing a Megaflo Cylinder

A Megaflo cylinder is an unvented stainless steel water cylinder that forms part of a central heating system. It is high-performing and a perfect fit for families who have more than one bathroom and a high demand for hot water. 

Megaflo is designed and built by manufacturer Heatrae Sadia and is a high-quality and important part of a home’s central heating and hot water system. Megaflo systems usually work alongside a boiler, although some work direct, without a boiler, via their immersion coil.

What are the advantages of a Megaflo system? 

Using a Megaflo cylinder brings with it lots of benefits, particularly if you live in a larger home or have a big family. Homeowners will enjoy the following advantages if they have a Megaflo system installed in their home: 

  • The ability to store lots of hot water 
  • Not needing a separate cold water tank, which gives you extra loft storage and the option for a loft conversion 
  • Good water pressure - even when running two showers at the same time 
  • Hot water from multiple outlets - so your shower won’t suddenly go cold if someone else runs a tap! 
  • A typical warranty for the Megaflo cylinder of 25 years 
  • An immersion switch so there’s still hot water if your boiler breaks down 
  • A cylinder that’s simple to maintain with parts that are easy to source 
  • A safe design with auto pressure release if too much builds 
  • Reduced risk of sludge and debris build-up, which is common with water tanks 
  • Works with thermal and solar energy, offering the option to incorporate renewable energy into its running

In short, the Megaflo cylinder is a great buy and a reliable, effective way to heat and store large amounts of hot water whenever needed throughout the day, without compromising on pressure or performance. 

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