Boiler Maintenance Tips

Buying and installing a new boiler is one of the most important things that’ll you ever do as a home-owner. It also happens to be one of the most expensive, thanks largely to the expertise required to install a new unit and heating system for your property. 

Of course, in some instances you can negate the need to buy a boiler by effectively maintaining your existing unit. But how can you go about achieving this objective? 

We’ll offer some important boiler maintenance tips below, whilst asking how they can help you to optimise performance over time. 

1. Consider Annual Boiler Servicing 

Before we get started with the proactive steps that you can take to protect your boiler, it’s important to understand the role that accredited engineers play in maintaining your heating system. 

More specifically, you can liaise with Gas Safe registered companies to have your boiler serviced annually, to ensure that your unit is continuing to run smoothly and as efficient as possible. 

This type of service can also help you to identify a number of small and unseen faults that are impacting on the performance of your boiler. These can subsequently be dealt with before they become chronic and too costly to repair, potentially saving you significant sums of money in the process. 

2. Invest in a Power Flushing Service 

On a similar note, you can also ask engineers to perform a so-called power flush as part of your annual service. Whilst this is only required every five to 10 years on average, your engineer should be able to tell you whether this is required or not. 

Power flushing essentially involves the use of specialise cleansing agents to purge your heating system of the sludge, rust and debris that can accumulate over time, and it must be carried out by an accredited service provider with the right equipment. 

With this type of service, you can extend the lifespan of your boiler and negate the need to invest in a new unit over time. 

3. Bleed your Radiators 

From your own individual perspective, you can also take a number of small but important steps to maintain your boiler unit. 

One of the most effective is to bleed your radiators, as this release trapped air from your heating system and help it to operate far more efficiently. If you don’t do this regularly, you’ll notice cold patches appearing on your radiators and it will take far longer for your home to heat up. 

Failing to bleed your radiators can also increase the pressure in your heating system, creating significant wear and tear that can damage the boiler over time. 

Who Should you Choose to Service your Boiler? 

Whether you’re looking to book an annual service or power flush your heating system, you’ll need to engage the services of an accredited and Gas Safe certified heating engineer. If you live in the Hillingdon borough or the surrounding counties, the Fletchers Heating & Plumbing brand is ideally-placed to meet these needs. Based in West Drayton, we’ll provide high-quality installation and maintenance services whilst also offering the very best in customer service. 

To uncover more, we’d recommend that you give us a call on 07919156562 and talk to one of our talented team. Or, you can request a quote by emailing and waiting for our reply.