The Benefits of Boiler Servicing

When you install a boiler in your home, you’re making a significant investment that must be given careful consideration. 

Make no mistake; installing a new boiler can cost up to £3,000, from the price of purchase to the amount required to install the unit in your property. 

Given the size and the importance of this investment, you should definitely consider having your boiler serviced at least once each year. Here are some of the precise benefits of this practice: 

1. An Annual Boiler Service Saves Lives 

We make no bones about this, as an annual boiler service unequivocally has the potential to save lives and protect those who reside in your home. 

Safety should always be your main priority as a home-owners, whether you live alone or have a young family to take care of. 

An annual boiler service certainly helps you to safeguard your property, as accredited engineers will inspect your boiler and check for any faults, leaks or damaged components that could undermine the function of the unit and put you at unnecessary risk. 

In the case of a leak, this could cause carbon monoxide to seep into your property if it’s not sealed and corrected immediately. 

2. An Annual Boiler Service saves you Money 

There are numerous signs that your boiler isn’t quite right, whether it’s making strange noises or producing an unusual smell. 

Whilst you may be aware of these issues, however, it’s impossible to identify the underlying faults without a trained or expert eye. 

These faults can develop into chronic issues if they’re not dealt with promptly, causing you to ultimately invest in more expensive repairs or even buy a new boiler in some instances. 

An annual service can negate this, however, so long as you hire the services of a reputable firm! 

3. An Annual Boiler Service Will Improve Efficiency 

On the subject of saving cash, an annual boiler service can also improve efficiency and reduce the cost of your energy bills over time. 

More specifically, servicing your boiler can correct small faults and optimise the performance of the unit, ensuring that your energy consumption is minimised during usage. 

You can also combine your service with a powerflush every few years, as this process uses robust cleansing agents to clear away dirt, debris and contaminants from your entire heating system. 

Our Gas Engineers Can Improve your Boiler’s Efficiency 

At Fletchers Heating & Plumbing, we’re well aware of how boilers can develop faults over time, but our annual servicing can help to repair these with the minimum of fuss. Based in West Drayton, we’ve served the Hillingdon borough and surrounding counties with distinction for years now, whilst our Gas Safe registered engineers are fully insured to work to a high standard in your home. To find out more about we can help you, feel free to give us a call on 07919 156562. Conversely, you can contact us in writing by sending an email to and requesting a quotation. You can also get in touch via our contact form.