Things to Think About Before Installing a New Boiler

Whilst every boiler installation is different, this typically sets the average UK household back around £3,000. As a result, it’s a high-end investment that requires considerable thought and consideration, particularly if you’re switching to a brand new heating system.

There’s also more to the average boiler installation than meets the eye, with several different factors to consider before you invest in a new unit and select an accredited heating engineer.

With this in mind, here are a few things to think about before your install a new boiler unit:

The Different Types of Boiler and Heating System

There are a host of different heating systems that you can use in the modern age, along with numerous fuel sources and various boiler types.

When dealing with gas, there are three main types of boiler to choose from, including the popular combi unit. This heats water on demand and negates the need for a storage tank, which is a huge space saver and ideal for owners of compact family homes.

Older properties may have a conventional or ‘heat-only’ boiler installed, and these units also come with a separate hot water tank where liquid is stored for use during the day.

Then there’s the system boiler, which is also a heat-only boiler that has numerous built-in components and are generally easier to install than conventional alternatives. They also take up less space, and are ideal for homes where large amounts of hot water is used on a daily basis.

What Size Boiler do you Need?

Clearly, not all boilers have been created equal, and this applies to the size of the unit in addition to the way in which they work.

When attempting to pick the right size of boiler for your home, there are two main considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to appraise the heating and hot water capabilities of a desired boiler, before taking into account its physical size and where it’s likely to fit in the house.

In this respect, the size and layout of your home will heavily influence your decision, as will the type of heating system that’s being installed in the property.

Once again, you should consult with an accredited engineer before choosing the desired size of boiler and ensure that you make an informed decision.

The Importance of Efficiency

If you are about to install a new boiler, you may as well invest in an efficient and A-rated model that delivers the optimal efficiency savings.

This will help you to return a greater return on your investment, with a high-end, modern combi-boiler boasting more than 90% efficiency and potential annual savings in the region of £340.

So, although you may have to fork out a little more to install this type of boiler in your home, this should be considered as an investment that will help to make considerable cash savings in the future.

The Last Word

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