Why Energy Efficiency is Important for Your Home

There are many ways you can make your home energy efficient. 

You can install an A+ rated energy efficient boiler. You can lag your pipes. You can insulate your house. You can bleed your radiators before winter.

But what's the point? Why is it so important to do these things? Why is it important to conserve energy? 

We've covered off 4 benefits below...

Reduce your monthly energy bills

As a homeowner, energy costs take up a huge portion of your monthly expenses.

By improving the efficiency of your home, you can potentially save anywhere from 5 to 30% (on average) on your monthly utility bills, depending on how much you improve. That's potentially a saving of £1000's. 

If you'd like to save £1000's every year on your monthly energy bills, definitely consider improving the energy efficiency of your home. 

Increase your property value

Every improvement that you make to your home, you'll be able to add £100's back to the value of your home when you come to sell it. 

Looking to install a brand new energy efficient boiler? Potentially sell your home 1 year later after installing it? You can easily add a £1000 more on top of the value of your house so you can heave peace of mind that your new boiler was a complete waste of money.

Protect the environment

The typical household can reduce its energy use by 25 to 30% by investing in more efficient energy consumption, which is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

You can take pride knowing that you're doing your bit to help improve the environment. 

Reap the health benefits

When you conduct energy efficient measures like improving your boiler, insulating your house etc. you can rest assured that your home will be warmer, drier, and properly ventilated, which in turn will lower the risk of illnesses and potential mould growth. 

Invest in your home to improve your health!

Looking to improve your home's energy efficiency with a new boiler?

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