Why Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

When the Gas Safe Register was introduced back in 2009, few of us could have realised how seminal this document would prove to be. 

This has certainly revolutionsed the gas heating industry, by regulating qualified engineers and holding them to incredibly high standards. Put simply, all Gas Safe registered engineers must be fully-trained and compliant with the register’s standards, making it easier than ever for home-owners to identify reputable service providers. 

But why exactly should you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer? Here are some of the key benefits: 

1. Gas Safe Registered Engineers Ensure that your Boiler Operates Safely 

Often, boilers can develop silent, hidden and seemingly innocuous faults that home-owners remain completely oblivious too. 

In fact, all gas appliances can be dangerous, as they have the potential to leak carbon monoxide and become highly-pressurised over a concerted period of time. 

Whist these risks are generally uncommon, they can also place your safety at risk if you fail to diagnose and repair them proactively. This is where a Gas Safe registered engineer comes into play, as they’ll fully inspect your appliances and correct any identified faults before they become too problematic. 

2. Gas Safe Registered Engineers Work to Incredibly High Standards 

As we’ve already touched upon, the Gas Safe Register requires all listed engineers to work to incredibly high and clearly defined standards. 

This translates into a high quality of workmanship, and engineers who fail to meet the register’s standards will either fail to earn the necessary accreditation or find themselves struck from the list. 

Clearly, Gas Safe registered engineers are unable to cut corners with their work, so households that hire them can do so with genuine peace of mind. 

3. Gas Safe Registered Engineers Offer Genuine Value for Money 

Let’s face facts; boilers are expensive gas appliances that cost a significant amount to buy, install and maintain. 

Boilers also play an integral role in any domestic home, so partnering with an accredited and reputable engineer can deliver genuine value for your hard-earned money over time. 

This is a crucial consideration, as it enables you to protect any investment that you’ve made in your boiler whilst also optimising the longevity of the heating system as a whole. 

Fletchers Heating & Plumbing – Gas Safe Registered Engineers in Hillingdon 

By partnering with a Gas Safe registered brand, you can also rely on a courteous, professional and consistent service across both small and large projects alike. 

At Fletchers Heating & Plumbing, our accredited engineers have been working to an incredibly high standard for years now, which is why we boast a huge array of satisfied customers in Hillingdon and surrounding counties such as Berkshire and Rickmansworth. 

To find out more, why not give our team a call today on 07919 156562, or drop us a line at fletchersheating@gmail.com?  You can also contact us via the contact form on our website.